Deb Henry

Deb Henry is a civil engineer, system designer, and sales engineer for Utah Applied Solar Energy in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Deb grew up in New Jersey and went to Rutgers College of Engineering where she received a bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. After graduating, she worked as a Project Manager for a large heavy highway and construction company building multi-million dollar bridges and structures throughout New Jersey. 

After a bad car wreck, Deb chose to move to Salt Lake because of its access to the outdoors, quality of life and vast opportunities for how we will build our community in Salt Lake County and beyond. A former engineer for UDOT, Deb believes strongly in  addressing our air quality through policy as well as consumer-driven solutions like solar energy and electric cars. 

Deb brings a diverse background in design, urban planning, project management, research and current innovations in the field of solar and renewable energies.

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