Scott Kisling

Scott Kisling has 34 years in the energy business, with 27 of that with General Electric.

Scott is a veteran of the non-renewable energy industry, having worked for 27 years with General Electric repairing coal and nuclear powered turbine generators. An increased knowledge of renewable energy has led him to the conclusion that renewables can and will eventually eliminate the need for fossil or nuclear generated electricity – probably in his lifetime. Scott is a NABCEP certified PV Installation Professional, a certified Six Sigma Quality Black Belt, and certified Lean Leader, and has taught and consulted in Lean and Six Sigma quality and productivity since 2008.

Scott holds a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado, an MBA from the University of Utah, and has earned a Certified Quality Manager certification from the American Society for Quality.

Scott has installed a 3 kW solar photovoltaic energy system on his detached garage, generating over half of his electric power. He feels that without his hot tub and with a newer air conditioning unit he could generate all of his electric power needs.

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