Tony Tersol

A physicist by education, Tony Tersol has been designing advanced solar photovoltaic systems since 2002.

Antony Tersol is a senior system designer and sales engineer for Utah Applied Solar Energy in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Applied Solar Energy in Pacific Grove, California, with over 300 installations to his credit. He teaches physics, oceanography and computer programming at Monterey Peninsula College and cofounded Applied Solar Education (ASEd) in Pacific Grove to teach the fundamentals of solar (PV) and wind technologies. Tony held a wide variety of research, technician and consultancy positions before designing solar energy systems since 2001. 

Tony holds bachelors degrees in physics and biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz and advanced degrees in physics, applied physics and oceanography from the University of California at San Diego.

A love for skiing drew Tony to begin spending much of the winter months in Utah, skiing at Alta and Snowbird. He has been watching Utah's interest in renewable energy grow, and believes that Utah is following California's renewable energy developments with a lag of about ten years due to our historically lower energy prices.

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