Do It Yourself

Design of a good photovoltaic solar power system is difficult. Installation is not, especially if you have a certified NABCEP solar professional show you how every step of the way. Most cities, including Salt Lake City, allow a homeowner to do their own installation.

We specialize in DIY solar and offer whatever level of assistance you need, from only making the final connections and commissioning to a complete “turnkey” installation. We work with you to determine the system size you need, your level of desire for daylight emergency backup and your desired level of monitoring (modular-level or system-level). Our design engineers will provide you with a design optimized to your roof or structure, tolerant of whatever shade issues you may have, and guaranteed to be approved for permitting. We provide you with a kit that contains all mounting hardware, modules and inverters. We include Technical Direction of installation, do any difficult tasks such as conduit bending, and can even loan you any tooling to make your installation faster and easier.

We fully inspect your system, make the final electrical connections, and commission your system, ensuring that it passes even the most finicky building and electrical inspection.

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