Why you should consider DIY with our Technical Direction

By combining design services, component sourcing and Technical Direction, we can offer a price that is competitive with you buying and installing the components yourself.

Here’s why you should consider a Utah Applied Solar Energy package. When you purchase from us you will get:

  • the latest (and highest quality) components, designed for Utah’s temperatures and snow loads,
  • a “future-proof” design that can take advantage of new technology as it is developed, 
  • a custom design guaranteed to meet ever-changing local building requirements,
  • permit application documents,
  • state and Federal tax credit documents,
  • all components,
  • labor for AC and DC electrical interconnection,
  • system testing,
  • commissioning,
  • Technical Direction for installation of rooftop complements,
  • Technical Direction for installation of (non-energized) AC wiring,
  • use of special tooling and fall-protection equipment,
  • labor for tasks requiring special skill, e.g. conduit bending.

Our Technical Direction will show you the “hard-learned” easy way to do each task, saving you time and money. Our designs specify components that reduce your time spent on the roof.

Buying and installing the components yourself, without our involvement, entails the following risks:

  • purchasing a system that generates less energy over its lifetime, (A poorly designed system can produce ten to twenty percent less power than a well designed system.)
  • purchasing a system that won’t pass inspection,
  • purchasing a system that neglects the effect of voltage degradation with age on inverter performance. (Modules typically produce less 20% less power after 25 years.)
  • buying poor quality, mismatched or obsolete components,
  • damage to your home due to inadequate snow load design,
  • damage to your home or injury to family members due to improperly installed arc-fault or ground-fault equipment,
  • damage to your home due to makeshift shingling tools and equipment,
  • risk of injury to yourself due to high voltage electrical shock or falls.

The inverters we supply have a 10 year warranty, with the option to extend the warranty to 20 years, from a company that’s been in existence since 2001. Unlike that of many inverter manufacturers, this warranty includes the labor required for removal and replacement.

The modules we supply have a 10 year warranty against defects in material or workmanship, and a guaranteed output for 20 years.

Although we cannot warranty the work you do on your own home our Technical Direction virtually ensures that work will pass inspection. Your pride is what will make that work to be higher quality than that of installation firms so you can get the most production – and least trouble – from a system designed and expected to last 25 to 30 years or more.

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