John Wiles' Technical Articles

John Wiles has been on the forefront of National Electrical Code–related photovoltaic (PV) training for more than two decades. He began writing Code sections specific to PV systems in 1990. In the last two Code cycles, Wiles, as secretary of the PV Industry Forum, has provided more than 60 proposals that have been accepted for inclusion in the NEC and the draft commentary that accompanies Article 690 of the NEC Handbook. Wiles is senior research engineer for the Southwest Technology Development Institute (SWTDI), a nonprofit organization located on the campus of New Mexico State University that provides applied research and development services for private and public sector clients. For decades, Wiles’ codes and standards development efforts, as well as the training he provides for PV system integrators, electrical contractors and inspectors, have had a fundamental and far-reaching impact on PV system safety and on Code compliance in North America.

Here are John Wile's recent articles published in the International Association of Electrical Inspectors Magazine. Many are very technical. If you are interested in this level of detail, yet need some help in understanding them, please give us a call.

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